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Discover our unique 6 step approach, designed to bundle proven technology, extensive expertise and attentive maintenance 


We love bringing the best out of our hotel customers to meet the needs of travelers. We do this through a systematic  seven step process that has proven to yield results, creating a revenue growth.

Equipped with a series of software tools, expertise, and partners, we put together a three year customized strategic plan to reach our hotel clients optimal Sales potential. 

With technology constantly creating new opportunities, our offices are ideally located at the EPFL Innovation Park (Ranked top 12 Tech Universities worldwide) allowing us to bridge the gap between a rapidly changing world and our hotel customers. 

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Some of the tech in our toolbox; 

- Central Reservation Platform

- Global Distribution System

- Google Analytics, SEO & SEM

- Preferred OTA Partnerships

- Email Marketing

Social Media

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Once assigned a stage, our team of experts act on specific tasks to grow the hotels potential, these include the hotels rate structure, data, positioning, evaluating current performance


Our maintenance team ensures connectivity is always up to speed, reservations are flowing into all systems, weekly calls with third party partners to evaluate performance, and a thoroughly update of all systems when expert decisions are taken

A brief Overview

Hotel Feedback

Ocean Star - Palau

Hoskit Solutions has helped Ocean Star Hotel, Palau setting up the reservation system. Despite the differences of the distance and time zone, they always assist us in really short time and have lots of personal engagement with our team. Most important, our bookings has increased significantly and the online reputation has always been outstanding. 

Jake Lee - General Manager

Le Rivage - Lurty

Hotel Revenue increased by 20%

Chedi Group Muscat


Hoskit trained us when in Switzerland in Revenue and distribution. They know their material very well and have a good way of implementing their procedures within hotels. The team is easy to get along with, objective oriented, and have the right tools with them. Highly recommended. 


Said Al Amri - Assistant General Manager Chedi Muscat

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